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5 black crime myths: Which ones did you believe?

5 Black Crime Myths: Which Ones Did You Believe? Facts can sometimes prove to be the difference between life and death. We need to look no further than Trayvon Martin's case to see the difference between perception and reality when it comes to criminal activity and race. Let's start educating ourselves and our society. Please share.

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See What Effect Your Education Has On Income

Education's effect on income. #education

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Statistical Proof That Women Make The World A Better Place

Want to help third wold countries out of their poverty? When 10% more girls go to school, a country's GDP increases by 3%. Worried about the expanding population? Girls who stay in school seven years or more have 2 fewer children. Check out this infographic for more reasons to empower women.

How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy
from Joshua Wilner

How To Be Happy

The Science of #Happiness. La ciencia de la #felicidad #tips #consejosparaserfeliz

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Here's How The Government Keeps Track Of Poverty In America [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here's How The Government Keeps Track Of Poverty In America [INFOGRAPHIC] via BusinessiNsider

Quality of education greatly influences IQ scores, i.e. a lower average IQ is more indicative of lower access to wide-scale quality education rather than innate intelligence (see my explanation of the issue). Also, testing conditions influence results; wealthier countries are more likely to be able to afford better testing conditions for participants.The data may be outdated for some countries.Because of inevitable statistical errors, isolated figures must be taken with a grain of salt.


Education Vs Incarceration - iNFOGRAPHiCs MANiA

"Education vs. Incarceration," via, where you can view other data visualizations.

This excellent new infographic from Demos combines information drawn from the organization's own work, This Week in Poverty, and a recent American Prospect article written by Georgetown University Law Professor Peter Edelman.

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These Are The Most Religious Places In The World — And What They're Practicing

These Are The Most Religious Places In The World — And What They're Practicing: Europe

In this infographic, @CourseHero examines how global education has progressed over the last few decades, delving into how participation in all levels of schooling has changed, how women compare to men and how the US education system stacks up against its international counterparts.

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The Best Map Ever Made of America’s Racial Segregation

The Best Map Ever Made of America's Racial Segregation | Wired Design |

There’s a lot of information about coffee packed into this simple infographic by A quick glance tells us that most of the world’s coffee comes from Brazil, and that despite the reputations of both Italy and France, it’s the U.S. that leads the world in coffee consumption.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How to win the fight against global malnutrition

This #infographic tells the story of how malnutrition is affecting all of us, no matter where we live. #antipoverty


Canada: As immigration booms, ethnic enclaves swell and segregate

Census Canada 2011: Where are Canada's immigrants coming from and where are they settling?