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Sprinkle cinnamon on the soil after seeds are planted or when fungus or mold is detected on the seedling or plant to kill the fungus or mold.


How to Prevent & Get Rid of Aphids (+ Companion Planting Tips)

Vegetable companion planting suggestions.

from Real Simple

Readers' Top 10 Gardening Mistakes

Tips for preparing soil for plants

from eHow

How to Build a Cement Block Garden Border

Use cement blocks to edge a garden, and fill the blocks' holes with soil and plant to finish -- low-growing plants like creeping thyme, moss roses or strawberries work well and will not grow high enough to shade or otherwise interfere with garden plants.

from Creative Vegetable Gardener

Why You Should Plant Garlic this Fall

Garlic is so easy to grow in your vegetable garden. With a small amount of work…

If you want to know how to create better soil, you’ve got to learn basic soil science including information about soil color, texture and structure. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

from Melissa K. Norris

How to Prune Blueberries

Want a larger harvest of blueberries? Learn how to prune blueberry plants for a larger harvest. Great step by step tutorial, plus love her tips for what to add to the soil. If you want to put in blueberries or already have them, you need to read this tutorial now.:

from PreparednessMama

Testing Your Soil pH Without a Kit

2 DIY ways for testing soil pH without a kit | PreparednessMama