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1573 Mary Denton attributed to George Gower (York City Art Gallery, UK) An elaborately ornate gown, typical of the latter Tudor Period, the Elizabethan Age. Excerpt: She appears to be wearing a black over-skirt that merges with a bodice set off by embroidered revers from a maroon stomacher that matches her under-skirt or kirtle that in turn covers a white petticoat or lining.

Marjorie Post wore this Callot Soeurs gown when presented to King George V and Queen Mary in June of 1929. Portrait by Giulio de Blaas.

Portrait of a Woman (said to be Lady Elizabeth Fitzgerald, 1528?–1589, 'Fair Geraldine', wife of Edward Clinton) by Lucas de Heere (attributed to) Date painted: 1573

1618 Isabella Clara Eugenia Infanta of Spain and Governess of The Low Countries by Marcus Geeraerts the Younger (Ferens Art Gallery - Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire UK).jpg

Catherine de Medici circa 1555. One of the costliest gowns ever portrayed. According to Herbert Norris, "Tudor Costume and Fashion," " The dress is of black velvet, entirely covered with a trellis-work of pearls, with sapphires in gold mounts set at the intersections; the spaces in between are embroidered with a design in gold."

EXCERPT: '1595, English, young noble lady. She is wearing a sumptuous black gown (velvet?) completely covered with white lace, simple yet stunning. She is also wearing a loose velvet sleeveless garment, worn like a cardigan. Her elegant ruff matches the gown . Her black velvet hood has the same jewelled decoration as the neck of her gown.'