feather wrist tattoo

42 Beautifully Simple And Perfectly Formed Small Wrist Tattoos

bird wrist tattoo

I want a sugar skull and this one has a peacock feather!

Love it!

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Orchid Skull Tattoo... if i were ever to get a tattoo, this would be it. orchids for my girly side 3 of them, one for each my mom, my sister, and my niece... and a skull for my tomboy side, because they're rough and tough and cool, and I like to think I am all of those!

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Awesome Sugar skull tattoo. I would never have the guys to do this!

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anchor tattoo with a pink bow i adore<3

sugar skull


love the scribble look! Would be really cute on a wrist!

I WILL get this tattoo someday, so I won't just have to keep writing on my wrist in pen everyday.

birds wrist too cute

Yes yes yes!!!

Sugar Skull Tattoo.

Colorful sugar skull tattoo