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The Gentleman's Guide #44

"The way a gentleman treats his mother is a pretty good indicator of how he will treat his girl." - The Gentleman's Guide

the+gentlemen's+code | Just a few words to live by

gentleman's guide - a man who is unable to look after himself is unable to look after his woman


Would you like your daughter to be treated with disrespect? Would you like her to feel like shes worthless? Of course not. No woman should ever be treated like that. So treat every single woman with respect.

The Gentleman's Guide #137 Be The Guy She Wants To Introduce To Her Parents, Not The One She's Hiding From Them.

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The Gentleman's Guide - I do want to introduce you to my parents. I just am not interested in talking to them about my personal or sex life. Remember, my mom called the cops. Not going to fight with her about anyone.

Never let the influences of the modern world affect your morals or who you are.

The gentleman guide: Never let the influences of the modern world affect your morals or who you are. A Southern Gent.

Gentleman's Guide #30 .... But not always ... Sometimes a girl want to have some…

gentleman's guide - when going out, don't ask her what she wants to do. take charge and decide

Actions speak louder than words

gentleman's guide - a real gentleman won't persuade you with his words. he will reassure you with his actions

True story

Be the type of man you'd want your daughter to be with. I've failed in many areas but I'm a new man and this is one thing my daughters need to see in me.

Because you truly love her.

The Gentleman's Guide If you truly love her, you must learn how to let her go. No matter how hard it is. Her happiness is the only one that matters.

Need advice for your relationship or just advice in general? I'm here to give you the most honest and helpful answer I know. I've been through a lot in my life.

Gentleman's Guide

An intelligent man will open your mind. A handsome man will open your eyes, and a gentleman will open your heart.

The Gentleman's Guide #84 (And it is a job I shall enjoy)

The Gentleman's Guide - "Having a girlfriend is a responsibility, not a privilege, and your job is to keep a smile on her pretty face." --- So true.