How to Water Succulent Plants -

How to Water Succulent Plants

How to water succulents. If your succulent is in it’s growing season and you aren’t seeing new leaves start to form you may be underwatering. Symptoms of overwatered succulents I’ve noticed are black spots .

An uncommon indoor plant: the Paddle Plant (Kalanchoe thyrsiflora).     #gardening #houseplants

15 Unique Indoor Plants That Will Liven Up Your Home

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora or Paddle Plant Indoor Plants - Indoor Gardening Ideas from Tovah Martin - Country Living

Decorar um porta-retratos e colocar suculentas é um lindo presente! Original e único! Adorei

Fun way to bring succulents into your home. I would divide opening into 4 slots and put 4 wrap-up plants (simple kokedama style) for easy watering (take out and submerge)

chevron pattern using salvaged pallet pieces and painted wood trim

Make It: A Chevron Recycled Wood Planter

DIY chevron pattern recycled wood planter box -- I love the randomly-varied color of the reused wood in the pattern.

Succulents grow quite easily if you know how to plant and care for them properly.

How To Make An Indoor Succulent Dish Garden

Learn how to make an iNDooR SuCCuLeNT GaRDeN ____Succulents are the perfect house plant! They are nearly indestructible & don’t require frequent watering like most indoor house plants!

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Succulents are perfect to grow indoors. 25 Indoor Succulent DIY Project Ideas that you can use to have something beautiful and live to decorate your home.