the teacher wife: Racing for Good Behavior! My students are really into this Behavior Race, which makes my job easier! Each team (my class is divided into 4 teams) has a chance to move three spaces on the game board, at the end of the day (I use tallies on the board to show how many spaces each team has). If a team has a good day, then they will most likely move all three spaces, if a team has a hard day (behaviorally) then they may only get to move 1 or 2 spaces, depending on how many…

the teacher wife: Racing for Good behavior - kids ready for summer? Keep them on track with this cool idea.

Planning Sheet for Classroom Management by Haley OConnor

Teacher Survival Kit {Planning, Reflecting, and Managing Your Classroom}

Setting Up Your Calendar! {and it's all FREE!}

Setting Up Your Calendar! {and it's all FREE!} (Wild About Firsties!)

Well, just like June, July swept right by and now we are well into August! Many of you are back in school (with students! so I guess I can& complain too much! I go back next week for a full wee

FREE- Grade it fast page- Plus lots of grading tips that are so easy you will think why didn't I think of that!!!  Freebie from Teacher to the Core

Grade it fast and get on with your life- Freebie from Teacher to the Core - 5 tips and tricks for grading students' work

How to cut back on grading student writing.

How To Grade Writing Assignments

25 students per class x 30 minutes per research paper = teacher burnout. How can you grade papers without spending your entire life focused on it?

How to get kids started journaling, from art journals to writing journals. Awesome for encouraging creativity and imagination!

Creative Journal Ideas for Kids

Wonderful tips and creative journal ideas to help kids. Writing journal prompts and art journal ideas the whole family can do together.