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Ballerina Species: Bunnaray Gender: Female Description: She loves to dance and her favorite is ballet

Future: Lightning will be at least age 39 when he evolves he will get married to Daisy and have one child name Bella (girl) He is happy in the future and he becomes king Lot of things changed he is married to Daisy When he evolves he ears will go back, but his tail will still be ripped off but he could finally use Iron Tail

This is a request from FelicitySolitare drawing Lightning and Blayon... Lightning: OnO get me outta here...who is this person...... I'm no good with an Houndoom...terrible... Lightning is missing a star in his scarf Blayon belongs to FelicitySolitare not me Lightning belong to me

Lightning blushing....???? Long time I drawed this on the internet...don't know why... I checked the last time I drew it...and it says first time he saw Daisy....

Coolgirl Facts: Coolgirl gets 1 damage everytime you hit her; Coolgirl has sensitive ears; Coolgirl master to have great smell and could see very well; Coolgirl born strong high attack Sp attack, defense, Sp defense, speed, and accuracy; Coolgirl is bad at dodging; Coolgirl's sword will bring her to life and the sword will kill the person whoever killed her in the story: Coolgirl'll have to team up with Lightning, Shadow, Rainbow, Spirit, Lighting also Daisy will try to help to kill Firedog