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  • Miya Gray

    Swanson-Face - #Funny, #LOL, #Cute, #Fun, #Gif, #wtf, #Comics, #meme, #humor, #rofl, #lmfao, #Sexy, #New, #haha,

  • Angie Lynch

    RON SWANSON Parks and Recreation. #ronswanson #parksandrec #tv #nbc

  • Lesley Butler

    the faces of ron swanson

  • Elizabeth Last Name

    Ron Swanson. If you don't know him, you need to get your shit together.<< Still more facial expressions than Kristen Stewart.

  • Cathern Weller

    Yuuuum! DIY Ice Cream Cupcakes board-of-man

  • Joelene Arndt

    Ron Swanson is the best thing to happen to television.

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Parks and Recreation is quite literally, one of the funniest shows on television!

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Ron Swanson is a Real American Hero, it is just as simple as that.

I wonder if there's a group for dedicated obsessed fans of Ron Swanson. What would we be called?

Parks and Recreation Season Four Episode 14: Operation Ann. "Sorry, I was talking to these ribs."

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