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dream + work. Still working hard to get out of debt, but we're completely credit card debt free!!! This is such a true statement!

So true.

SO SO True

this is true

so true.

Yes. So so SO true.

So true!

So true!

What was your excuse again?

a good reminder

Progress or excuses

Find a way, not an excuse!

No Excuses 2013 Challenge


NO Excuses

Forgiveness doesn't excuse their behavior.

-If you are interested in making the investment..make me feel I am worth pursuing... That you're not ashamed of me in your life ... that your proud to be my friend or only applauding me on Facebook and neglecting me in private ... That chaps my ass

So true - but it's not an excuse to eat bad! ;-)

work for success

no excuses! get to it already ;-)

No excuses