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    Zygopetalum Rhein Blue Angel

    Paphiopedilum moquettianum

    Paphiopedilum liemianum 'Green Destiny'

    Paphiopedilum victoria-regina var. kalinae 'Orchid Dynasty'

    ◇Rlc. Green Devil‘Orchis’

    Ophrys speculum

    ●C. C. G. Roebling‘Blue Indigo’

    Rlc. Satomi‘Yosooi’

    ●Rlc. Sanuki Suntrap‘#13’

    Dendrobium stratiotes

    Mcv Frances Fox A cross between Bc Polka Dot and Mcp tibicinis. Thanks for looking.

    Angraecum rutenbergianum. Like Angraecum dideri, Angraecum rutenbergianum is from Madagascar and prefers cooler temperatures. The plant grows to 8 cm and the flowers are almost as large as the plant, 5.5 cm with a 12 cm spur or nectary. The flowers are fragrant at night. They are held very close to the plant.

    Paphiopedilum philippinense - Google Search

    Cattleya Lulu Land

    Cattleya Lulu Land

    Catasetum denticulatum

    Oncidium McBean's Bryony Odontioda Bonne Nuit "Lyoth Citrus" x Odontioda Pebble Mill "Cooksbridge"

    Oncidium McBean's Bryony

    Cymbidium Lovely Witch "Fireworks"

    A orquídea que floresce sem parar

    Paph Avalon x paph Hermanum

    Promenea xanthina 'Botanica'

    Promenea xanthina 'Botanica'

    Bulbophyllum kubahense