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CELTIC BELIEF! According to Celtic spiritual tradition, the soul shines all around the body like a luminous cloud. When you are very open ~ appreciative and trusting ~ with another person, your two souls flow together. This deeply felt bond with another person means you have found your anam cara, or "Soul Friend." Your anam cara always beholds your light and beauty, and accepts you for who you truly are.

Serch Bythol, a symbol of undying love, is not as well known as the Claddagh, but no less significant. It is formed by two triskeles. Triskeles are a triangular Celtic knot symbolizing life everlasting. Placed side by side, they create an endless, graceful flow of lines. The three points of the triskele can represent the three aspects of man – body, mind, and spirit. Two triskeles together in Serch Bythol becomes two bodies, two minds, and two spirits acting as one.

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Celtic Symbols and their Meanings

There are plenty of Irish Celtic symbols that represent the forty shades of the Emerald Isle, and then some! Description from I searched for this on

Sorce: ------ maple leaf tattoo #maple #leaf #tattoo... If like this with an owl instead of the wolf BUT IT'S STILL GORGEOUS

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Irish Tattoos for Women That are Astoundingly Captivating

Celtic tattoo symbols

Celtic Trinity Knot Peace Sign Wall Art by RustyRoosterMetal, $125.69...this would make a great behind the ear tat....

Celtic symbol for strength and "neart" means strength in gaelic. Would love either symbol or word as tattoo #celtic #tattoos

The Celtic knot is said to stand for "no beginning, no ending, and the continuation of everlasting love" and/or "the binding together of two souls or spirits for eternity." Many Christians choose this symbol as a sign of their enduring love on special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and the famous Wedding Day.

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Some Interesting Celtic Symbols

Celtic Symbols and Their Meanings | Some Interesting Celtic Symbols

The Celtic trinity knot is a very simple, but powerful symbol and very suitable for a tattoo. It is a triangle knot, the 3 corners have various meanings: •Christian: Father, Son and Holy Spirit •Pagan: Mother, Crone and Maiden •New age: Mind, body and spirit

Claddagh / Celtic knot tattoo. I know I said I'm not getting another tattoo but this is tempting, if I got it I would probably add some color to the heart and make it green for the emerald isle

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Intricate and Meaningful Celtic Tattoos Specially for Men

Trinity knot: love how it is still the trinity knot but the inner circular region resembles a hoof print.

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Celtic Symbols and their Meanings

Triquetra - Triskelion