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  • Nicole Harris

    WTF!??? Lol, prank gift boxes for your fave relative or friend. Hide the real gift in the box and when they tear the wrapping paper open to see it...they will likely have the same reaction you did when you first saw this

  • Leah Havord

    Bread Gloves: Make anything into a sandwich... and how yummy (and gooey, slimy and nauseating ) it will taste after five minutes from your hot sweating hands. Never ever say, "Here, honey, this is delicious! Take a bite!" if you want to keep your fingers.

  • Jami Forquer this real life?

  • Arie Funnystyle

    Products That Really Shouldn't Exist Bread Gloves actually did quite well in terms of sales. They sold many more units then their sister products, bread shoes and the bread condom. - Click on the image to know more about this product -

  • Lisa Schlottmann - My Natural Living

    Why? Why would anyone want such a thing? It'd be a great white elephant gift, lol.

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