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Fresh Strawberry Pie - "This pie is so good! The note I wrote on my stained recipe card is... The BEST!"


Big Boy's Strawberry Pie

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Big Boy's Strawberry Pie. I grew up eating this! There was nothing like waiting for the first fresh strawberries of the season. We used to drive over an hour to Portland, TN to buy the very best strawberries.

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Spend With Penniesfrom Spend With Pennies

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Fresh Strawberries & Cream Pie! This easy pie is filled with a homemade cream filling and delicious glazed fresh strawberries!

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Strawberry shortcake parfait: 1 large angel food cake (plain), 2 pkg fresh strawberries( frozen is fine), 1 tub of cool whipped topping, strawberry mousse. Make strawberry mousse according to recipe, Blend one pkg of strawberries to make puree (I used pulse for this), and the other pkg cut strawberries in half, put aside. Cut angel food cake into three sections. Layer bowl first with one section of angel food cake, (w) topping, strawberry puree, mousse, and a layer of cut strawberries.

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Strawberries and Cream Bars! These are so good and start with a cake mix!

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Recipe for Strawberry Cake - This is a special occasion cake that is so good everyone will remember it and probably ask you for the recipe! It’s a classic white cake with fresh strawberries and real whipped cream frosting.

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Easy Baked Taco Pie – Everything you enjoy in a taco—from the ground beef and veggies to the dollop of sour cream on top—all in one easy, baked pie. And just before you start to think that it doesn't get better than this, it does. This dish takes just 20 minutes to prep for the oven. It's a recipe must try!

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Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie Recipe Dedicated to Just Little Sweeties, Enjoy from Daddy


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57 Fresh Summer Peach Recipes | Brown Sugar-Cinnamon Peach Pie |

The Kitchnfrom The Kitchn

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Old Fashioned Sugar Cake Recipe ~ I wanted a light cake to make a summer time dessert, and this fit the bill perfectly. I topped it with a Lemon curd/mascarpone/whipped cream concoction that was really REALLY good, and some fresh blueberries to serve after a fancy pants dinner and it got rave reviews.. A true keeper!

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Strawberry Cheesecake Salad - The BEST salad to bring to any potluck!

Evil Shenanigansfrom Evil Shenanigans

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Peach Cream Pie | Baking and Cooking Blog - Evil Shenanigans. I cannot wait to try this! (Though I may substitute my own custard recipe.....)

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Fresh Fruit & Cream Tarts. Fresh berries top these rich cream-filled tarts for a fresh take on Easter dessert.