Free- Pen Pal Friendly Letter Template

Great writing exercise

Pen Pals - everything you need to start and maintain a long distance classroom connection!


penpal letter template! FUN! Who needs a pen pal?

All About Me Activities. All About Me theme.

Positive notes for students

Friendly Letter Writing Template with scaffolding for differentiation. The students did a great job with this!

FREE! This has been a life saver for me! I attach this Substitute Report (one for each class) to my lesson plans. It easily allows subs to provide feedback (via a checklist) on class behavior, if they followed my lesson plan, how the students behaved, noise level, areas of difficulty, outstanding students, challenging students, and general comments. I receive the best feedback from my subs now.

FREE Dolch Words & Phrases Book This is a black & white booklet I make for all of my students each year. It contains all 11 lists of the Dolch Sight Words plus the Dolch Phrases for the students to practice at home.

FREE pics to make your own gem magnets! FREE template too to use on a cookie sheet.

Free website for teachers to set set up pen pal systems via email for their students with other students around the world!


Friendly Letter

Parts of a letter

Writing project for 6 different genres. narrative, friendly letter, informative article, cinquan poem, directions and persuasive. Packet also includes writer's checklist, publishing paper, graphic organizers and a pattern for scarecrow art projects.

How many letters in my name?

Free behavior bracelets let parents know their child did great!

FREE Creative Word Work Game for Kids

I AM... boards. Love this idea to remind them they are wonderful.

Here's a page for students to write about themselves and what they know about numbers.