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There are those special colors that can only be heard, splashing their many shades with a few simple words. They dive into the heart and paint a portrait grand, for peace, love, and hope born in the soul of man. Tragic are the deaf ears and blind eyes can never see what it is we were truly meant to be. Let us touch this whispered breath, wrap our soul around these thoughts, and finally obtain the freedom we have sought. J. Freeman

Umbrellas Flow by Leodileo via :

Reflection of Zentsu-ji temple, Kagawa, Japan #photography #water #reflection

I don't know where this is... but it's by Frans Peter Verheyen. And all I know is it's gorgeous. I love. love. love rain. And walking in the rain. :)

National Geographicfrom National Geographic

Swimming in the rain - Traveler Photo Contest 2012

I love nature, and being outside and adventuring. I especially love this picture because I love to swim and I love the rain and I feel as though I understand how the girl in this picture is feeling. One of my goals in life is to just trust in my journey and enjoy what comes from it, and I feel as though this is an example of enjoying those simple moments

To understand sometimes means that you must walk in someone else's shoes. But that doesn't mean that you have to stand in their shadow. What a cool picture!