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the dolphin who played Flipper committed suicide and there are other cases of captive dolphins doing the same

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Killer Whale-In captivity they do not do well- they immediately cease using radar. They are also extremely social beings, and will spend their whole life with the same group-support leaving them in their natural habitat.


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En Taipéi se celebra la exposición de fauna marina Taiwan International Aquarium Expo donde el público puede ver animales marinos exóticos.

"that rare and elusive moment when killer whales aren't ganging up on and brutally, bloodily murdering some poor, unsuspecting baby sea creature. they almost seem peaceful and 'cute', don't they...? dun dun duuuunnnnnnn!!!" ~ this pinner hit the nail on the head when it comes to my fear of whales. It's so true. As intelligent as they are, they're also not above killing you for sport.


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This orca, named Granny, has roamed countless miles of blue ocean over her 103 years of life in the wild. Whales born in captivity, on the other hand, average a lifespan of only 4.5 years.

Orcas at San Diego, Sea World.

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Construir una pecera gigante en uno de los rincones del aula. Invesigar qué seres vivos viven en el mar y después colocarlos dentro. (algas con papel de seda, peces con platos de plástico, pez globo con globos...)

Killer Whale ~ San Juan Islands ~ between northwest US and Canada

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