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    Another fun gadget for camping

    Thoreau's Daughter: Canned Biscuit Campfire Doughnuts #Easy Recipes #Camping Recipes #Recipes #Camping #Food

    Inflatable Serving Bar ` How cute is this for parties, camping and back yard pools!

    Clean Camping Gear and Tips | Campsite Hygiene Hacks | Survival Life

    I need this for picnics and camping

    Make camping with your family more fun with these time, space and energy saving tips.

    Fun Camping recipes

    11 camping essentials you'll actually use...I find this funny because of how serious they are about the product. And also a bit mad I didn't invent it myself and a little grossed out...

    Party Bowls On Ice Keep your vegetable or fruit trays cold for long periods of time! This is especially helpful if you are attending a party...

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    Camping Recipes! Some fun new ones

    41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

    Here it is in a list - camping from totes ready packed: Tub one contains all the cooking necessities: spatula, can opener, fire/oven mitts, marshmallow roasters, scissors paper bowls, paper plates, trash sacks, plastic cups, , plastic ware, plastic tablecloths, a couple of dish towels, tongs, spoon, foil, napkins, mugs, cooking oil, skillet, and a small pot. A note on top reminds me to toss in the lighter, salt and pepper, dish soap, and baby wipes/antibacterial wipes... [more on site]

    Trail Mix Bar - I love this idea for kids AND adults but need a more "camping" friendly way to put it out (not glass containers).

    Corn Cob on a stick, easy handling for camping dinner! Peel, break in half, speer with skewer, place in large cooler, cover with boiling water... corn on the cob for a crowd...

    DIY Camp Kitchen - with working sink - This is my first attempt to include a picture with my post hope it appears. last year I started working on a light weight portable camp kitchen with a working sink and water attachment .During the winter I had a chance to tweak it for my own personal needs. I had every thing I needed to create this project in my garage except for about 15.00 worth of plumbing parts i found at my local home depot. The last mod I did to it was add the eye bolts so i can stake it down to the ground to avoid anything or wind from tipping it over. I added the towel rack with hooks and it also now has a swing out aluminum (old tent pole) arm that will support a lantern for night time washing. As you can see it folds down nice and flat for transport and storage.

    Showerline Shower Caddy- brilliant for traveling. Now I don't have to line it all up in someones shower and hope I remember to grab them all when I leave.

    The Meatball Grill Basket helps you grill up 12 tasty, perfectly cooked meatballs. The perforated stainless-steel basket drains excess fat to make you feel a little better about eating all 12 meatballs. Price: $50

    Reusing Baby Wipes Containers to Store Plastic Bags. Tired of all the piles of plastic bags lying around your house? Tired of trashing your old baby wipe containers? Here's a great way to keep your plastic bags organized without spending a penny! This would be perfect for taking on camping trips!

    Summer Camping Tin

    OMG i need this for camping!!!