Another fun gadget for camping

Put together a smores box before you leave to go camping! No wrappers to deal with and less trash to pack out!

Party Bowls On Ice Keep your vegetable or fruit trays cold for long periods of time! This is especially helpful if you are attending a party...

Great Meals with No Refrigeration - 4-day meal plan for a trip without refrigeration. ... And frankly, most boats have a better-equipped galley than what I take camping. And once ...

Inflatable Serving Bar ` How cute is this for parties, camping and back yard pools!

I LOVE the design of this "shower deck". It keeps you off the ground and also holds shampoo bottles, etc. {I'd probably put my toiletries in a mesh bag to keep them from falling thru the slats, but GREAT item for camping & communal showers.}

Glow-in-the-Dark Tape | 32 Things You'll Totally Need When You Go Camping

Heavy Duty Picnic Food Tent; I'm getting this.. this could save a party.

The Meatball Grill Basket helps you grill up 12 tasty, perfectly cooked meatballs. The perforated stainless-steel basket drains excess fat to make you feel a little better about eating all 12 meatballs. Price: $50

Pop Up Camping Cupboard.

Quesadilla griller

Great idea for adding a little spice to your camping recipes! Use a pill reminder box and fill each compartment with various spices and seasonings. Saves space and helps make food taste better!

Thoreau's Daughter: Canned Biscuit Campfire Doughnuts #Easy Recipes #Camping Recipes #Recipes #Camping #Food

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Corn Cob on a stick, easy handling for camping dinner! Peel, break in half, speer with skewer, place in large cooler, cover with boiling water... corn on the cob for a crowd...

41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius! -- Makes camping a lot more fun!

some ideas for fun camp accessories...

Could be fun to pair neighborhood kids with a younger non-sibling. Would keep the little ones still involved and keep the older ones from being bored.

OMG i need this for camping!!!

Camping Therapy Coffee Mug

15 Easy Delicious Camping Recipes