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a girly anchor tattoo that i like

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BFF tatts


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sister tat...

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Anchor Love :)



Tattoos 3

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Anchor Tattoo by Jasmine Wright. colors

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anchor tattoos

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Our sister anchor tattoo! Love the bow!

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MTV Newsfrom MTV News

35 Teeny Tattoos That'll Make You Want To Immediately Get Inked

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35 Tattoos Every Basic Bitch Wants | Mtv Girl Code :: Guilty of wanting this (minus the words)

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a memorial tattoo I like ...




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Tattoos 3

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anchor tattoo!

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Previous pinner said: I could see this as our best friends tattoo.. You, who is more outgoing, get the one on the line to remind you of me - giving you a place to land sometimes. As I, the more shy one, get the flying birds as a reminder of you.. to serve as inspiration to fly on my own, figuratively speaking. What a cute idea!

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#tattoos love love love

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small & girly it! Really wish there was Pinterest for good ideas before I got my silly heart tattoo :-/

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quote tattoos | Tumblr

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