Top Ten Dean Koontz Books. Love Dean Koontz for a little light reading at bedtime, especially the Odd Thomas series. Odd is a very old soul in a young body, able to keep the darkness at bay.

The Odd Thomas series | 30 "Guilty Pleasure" Books That Are In Fact Awesome

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awesome book series

List of Classic Books to Read Before You Die.

Be done with Harry Potter? I'd see myself dead first. But any who, I'm always down for a new series.

I have read all these books, he is one of my favorite authors.

Books to Read in 2014. Divergent & the Outlander series are already on the list!

This is a great list and I can tell you they're right. I've read: Legend, Maze Runner, Graceling, Across the Universe (and sequel), City of Ember (and others in series), The Lightning Thief, Matched (and sequel), Divergent, Uglies SERIES, Life As We Knew It Series, The Giver Series and Cinder. Definitely looking into the others.

This entire page is nothing but creative things to do with books!

The book series that will change your life!

Such a good book- I remember reading it and being impressed that a story written so long ago could be so full of twists and turns haha... as if that didn't start til soap operas came about

The House Of Night Series

50 Books Like Divergent of course it's more like only 20 bc so many are series

If I need a new series to read.

2015 Must Read Books

2015 Must Read Books

Books Make Me Happy HAHA, FUNNY!

Great book and a great movie

2015 Must Read Books