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The Polaroll is a toilet paper dispenser that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Polaroid Land Camera And yes, the toilet paper comes out of the film dispenser slot. The Polaroll was…

It is a personal goal of mine to eliminate the stigma that surrounds MENTAL HEALTH disorders. Spread the word and share your story. MUCH LOVE, M

Real brain problems

Thank you-- These are Real Brain Problems. people that don't struggle with these issues don't understand. This compilation of brain scans of patients diagnosed with various psychological problems are compared with those who don't


2012 Olympics Kodak Brownie Concept Camera by James Coleman // i'll take hot pink.

Some Harry Potter love.

This Laptop is a Horcrux Harry Potter Inspired Vinyl, I want it

ThinkGeek :: Futurama Zoidberg Designer Vinyl Figure

WHY NOT ZOIDBERG? Complete with stethoscope accessory, the Kidrobot-ized vinyl Futurama Zoidberg will listen to your intestines. If you lose him, look in the nearest dumpster.

Don’t Fall in Love with Your First Icon Idea

Don’t Fall in Love with Your First Icon Idea

Your first icon idea sucks. Okay, it may not be that bad… Frankly, I just needed to really grab your attention. However, the truth is that most of the first ideas you have are indeed not your best .