How to get Victoria's Secret curls

Beautiful, romantic waves, perfect for a bride or on a fancier date. Use a larger curling iron for loose waves, or a smaller barrel for tighter curls. Wand curlers or just regular curling irons will work. If you don't have a large barrel, take large sections and don't hold it on for very long. Same for tight curls with a large barrel. Mist with some flexible hairspray when done.

5/8" curling iron.

How to get your curls to last!

How to get effortless curls - super simple tutorial!

Don't you love her curls...

Cause I can't curl my hair

These time-saving tips are basically your hairway to heaven. 1. A 20-second updo — split, knot, twist, and pin. 2. For quick curls, put your hair in a ponytail first and divide and conquer. You only need to divide into two or three sections. Full instructions here. 3. Apply dry shampoo the night before. If […]

how to get Victoria Secret Hair

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INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Find your side part. Either side will do. 2, 3, 4 5) You鈥檙e going to curl ALL of your hair inward toward your face (as Lauren does above) and clip the curls in place with large setting clips. Mist all over with a light-medium holding hairspray. Let them cool while you put on your makeup. Multi-Tasking!! Give it atleast 15 minutes to cool and set. 6) Gently pull the c...

For the girls that can't do hair. Including myself..."Every girl should pin this! Top 10 BEST youtube hair tutorials - 5 strand braid, victoria secret curls, blow out, beach waves, and so much more!"

waves with a flat iron

How to use curlers. A forgotten art to creating volume and curls that last!


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Put your hair in a pony tail at the front of your head (where bangs would be). Then curl in 1 inch sections straight down (if you have layers you may need to go back over some of the shorter pieces). Then run your fingers through, take the holder out, AND YOUR DONE!