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Protection Spell: All acts pf negativity will now return to thee. All bad you try to send my way upon your own self will hold sway. All actions, thoughts ans words of hate becomes your own decided fate. By all up high, the worlds and wide by oceans wide and deep blue skies by day and night, and powers three this is my will, so must it be. Harm to none, nor return on me.

"I spilled the ink across the page, trying to spell your name; So he opens it up and reads it out, to all his friends-- amongst the crowd, a heart will break, and a heart will mend."

Whitney's eyes are 'burnt sienna' and mine are green or hazel or red, and Frankie's are blue and grey... most of the Boyles have blue eyes and hence, we are a family of recessives.

The Receiving Mode ~ You can't try your way there, you can't effort your way there, you have to allow yourself there, you have to appreciate yourself there, you have to nap yourself there, you have to non-resistance yourself there. And when you're there, then the idea comes.