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Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, Girl Scout Cookie Professionals become true "Business Owners." GSNorCal's Cookie Sale is Feb. 9-March 16, 2014. Find yours at

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Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program a Girl Scout "Cookie Professional" learns that "Money Counts"! GSNorCal's Cookie Sale is Feb. 10-March 17, 2013. Phoebe is selling cookies message me to place and order.

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Girl Scout Cookie Professionals learn the value of "Good Credit." GSNorCal's Cookie Sale is Feb. 10-March 17, 2013. Find yours at

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Cookiemobileapp Girlscouts

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A Girl Scout Cookie Professional learns that planning is a part of her success. With the Girl Scout Cookie Program she learns the value of a great "Business Plan." GSNorCal's Cookie Sale is Feb. 10-March 17, 2013. Find yours at

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Girl Scouts of Northern California's Cookie Sale is Feb. 10-March 17, 2013! Find cookie booths at

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Thin Mint Love for Valentine's Day and any day! Find Girl Scouts NorCal Cookies at Feb.10-March 17, 2013.

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The Business & Nutrition of Girl Scout Cookies#gscitrus

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Buy cookies from my daughter!!!! What does a Girl Scout Cookie Professional learn when she's selling you your favorite cookie? A whole host of things!

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The History of Girl Scout Cookies#gscitrus

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Because they're girl scout cookies! That's why!

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SOLD/RESERVED for LAURA Vintage Girl Scout Cookie Poster Sign

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