Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program a Girl Scout "Cookie Professional" learns that "Money Counts"! GSNorCal's Cookie Sale is Feb. 9-March 16, 2014. Find yours at

Girl Scouts Promise and Law "Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout"

Girl Scout Cookie Professionals learn the value of "Good Credit." GSNorCal's Cookie Sale is Feb. 10-March 17, 2013. Find yours at

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Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, Girl Scout Cookie Professionals become true "Business Owners."

Awesome Girl Scout Cookie Crowns!

A Girl Scout Cookie Professional learns that planning is a part of her success. With the Girl Scout Cookie Program she learns the value of a great "Business Plan."

8 Awesome Girl Scout Ideas - Craft Ideas Girl Scouts Will Love

What does a Girl Scout Cookie Professional learn when she's selling you your favorite cookie? A whole host of things!

Girl Scout Badge Ceremony! The blue lanyard on left is all the badges/ patches that this Daisy has earned. The brown lanyard on right is all the badges/ patches this Brownie has earned! I used grosgrain ribbon for the lanyard and scrapbook paper for the name tags. I attached the badges with a dot of fabric glue so the moms could pull them off later to attach to the girls sash.

Love my Girls Scouts and their cookies!

GIrl Scout Cookie Box Stop Sign

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Girl Scout Cookie Costumes

Girl Scouts Daisy Money Counts Certificate - DIY, Printable - Cookie Training, Cookie Sales, Girl Scout Cookies - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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Earning Girl Scout Daisy Petals

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Girl Scout Cookies® Mix & Match Stationery

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