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The 65-room Iron Springs Hotel in Manitou Springs was the first in the region to have electric lights when its own water-powered turbine became operational in 1885. In 1884, the LAW began promoting bicycle tourism with discounts for cyclists at rural inns that participated in LAW advertising programs. Country roadhouses that lost business as railroads replaced stagecoaches catered to weekend bicycle tourists and the new business of recreational tourism filled the economic void.

Million Dollar Highway was a toll road built by Otto Mears in 1883 to connect Ouray & Ironton. Another toll road was built over Red Mountain Pass from Ironton to Silverton. In the late 1880s Otto Mears turned to building railroads and built the Silverton Railroad north from Silverton over Red Mountain Pass to reach the lucrative mining districts around Red Mountain, terminating at Albany just eight miles south of Ouray. The remaining eight miles were considered too difficult for a railroad.

The Crystal Mill, or the Old Mill is an 1892 wooden powerhouse located on an outcrop above the Crystal River in Crystal, Colorado, United States. Although called a mill, it is more correctly denoted as a compressor station, which used a water turbine to drive an air compressor. The compressed air was then used to power other machinery or tools. Today it stands as a Colorado icon.

Pompeii - this is actually a cast of the void left by a person who was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time when Mt. Vesuvius erupted that fateful day.

The rarely seen back of the Hoover Dam before it filled with water 1936 - Imgur

Bakery at Manitou Springs - 1877 This photo of a bakery along Ute Pass near Manitou, Colorado is believed to have belonged to William Iles. William Iles is believed to be the bearded man in front of the door. His daughter Annie Iles is believed to be the girl in the doorway. The rest of the people are unknown. The rock formation Tim Bunker's Pulpit is in the background.

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO - opened in 1909 and catered to the rich and famous, including Molly Brown and Theodore Roosevelt. After staying in room 217, Steven King was inspired to write "The Shining". Much activity has been reported throughout the hotel and in the ballroom, including disembodied voices and noises, and apparitions. Syfy's "Ghost Hunters" visited the site and experienced disembodied sounds and manipulation of objects.(info at…