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The 65-room Iron Springs Hotel in Manitou Springs was the first in the region to have electric lights when its own water-powered turbine became operational in 1885. In 1884, the LAW began promoting bicycle tourism with discounts for cyclists at rural inns that participated in LAW advertising programs. Country roadhouses that lost business as railroads replaced stagecoaches catered to weekend bicycle tourists and the new business of recreational tourism filled the economic void.

The Pikes Peak region is Ute Country. The Utes passed along the Garden of the Gods in the foothills of Pikes Peak, which they called Tava (Sun Mountain), as they traveled to and from their summer and fall hunting grounds to their winter campgrounds.

Miss America, 1956, Colorado Tourism Brochure - Sharon Kay Ritchie, Miss Colorado of 1956 who became Miss America, is pictured inside the brochure.

A Polar Bear's Tale: Banner ladies...Laura Parsons, advertising Electric Light Bulbs, n.d., Wilber (Chardon, Ohio)

(Circa 1885) Young boy identified as John Reed posed with a high-wheel bicycle. Note that the pedals are attached directly to the front wheel. The wheels became larger as manufacturers realized that the larger the wheel, the farther the cyclist could travel with one rotation. (Creator: Alden W. Harden)