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    instead of a concrete slab-- genius! And great drainage. Great idea for garden shed or even the chicken coop. Wouldn't have to worry about foxes digging in to the coop and it would be cheaper than concrete and easier to clean than a plywood floor.

    "As a vet, I recommend that everyone raising hens change from open water sources to nipple drinkers....the hens get plenty of water, and the...

    Glue (pre 1982) pennies to the side of square foot garden bed to keep slugs away. Slugs and snails won't cross copper.

    Roof and nesting Box

    The Homestead Survival | Building a Chicken Coop | Homesteading - Raising Chickens

    Chicken Coops

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    Instructions on making a PVC feeder for a chicken coop.

    Building a Permanent Chicken Coop

    chicken coop plans | chicken coop designs: design for chicken coop

    How to Build the Ultimate Chicken Coop | “No one wants to look at chicken poop,” Heather points out, “so we planted boxwoods out front to hide the coop floor.” The couple also surrounded the structure with an attractive brick walkway, which they can simply hose off as needed.

    Beekeeping 101 (The First Year) - A step by step checklist for getting started with beekeeping.

    Smart Health Talk Pick: Mason Jar Bee Hives. Seem like positive response from those reviewing this website. If you sell honey, this would surely save a step may a few! If you want to learn more about honey, fake honey in our food supply, and how our bees are disappearing, we have but information together for you, and interviews with people who know. Start here: www.smarthealthta... Extinct Bees: www.smarthealthta...

    Removable Raised garden Bed Fence. I'm totally going to have to do to keep my dogs/chickens out

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    Rabbit hutch with greenroof in small backyard sustainable organic garden

    Chicken Coop

    Naturally Disinfecting the Chicken Coop

    Artemisia Silver Mound - Place clippings in nesting boxes to repel poultry lice & mites naturally

    Love this idea - DIY kitchen cabinet upcycle incubator for hatching chicks from eggs!

    Beating the Heat. Several easy to implement ideas for keeping chickens cool during high temperatures.

    Trimming Chickens Toenails step by step with photos too! PROTECT you and YOUR HENS!

    Homemade Scratch - As an alternative to commerical scratch, you can easily mix up your own using bulk grains purchased from your feed store or local grocery store. I use a blend of cracked corn, oats, barley, wheat, flax seed, sunflower seed and raisins... and the girls love it. Great BLOG!!

    Fresh Eggs Daily: Molt Meatloaf: Much-Needed Protein During a Time of Regrowth