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Geraldine Hoff Doyle Dead: 'Rosie The Riveter' Inspiration Dies At 86

"Then, in a moment that no one quite expected, our shining star & radiant queen, the legendary Miss Britney Spears, turned her radiant countenance towards us.

Rosie The Riveter.

Deux siècles de Propagande en 160 affiches

Woman Ordnance Worker poster "The Girl He Left Behind" shows Rosie the Riveter in red bandana. A number of variants of Rosie posters were done during the war. This is among the most desirable.

DIY Halloween Makeup - Betty Boop

Betty Boop Boop A Doop! A original Betty Boop in black & white.Betty Boop is the original flirty figure from the The Goods I used.

There were also no harnesses to stop them falling from skyscraper heights.    branded history. adiddas or palace strip on pants

Vintage photos reveal the daredevils of yesteryear

I guess you have to make your own fun at work, even when work is 20 stories off the ground on the skeleton of a future skyscraper. But these photos of construction workers enjoying their breaks and photo-ops high in the air are simply terrifying.

Union strong. United we bargain, divided, we beg. Unions Deserve our support. They gave us health insurance, sick pay, vacations, workers compensation and overtime pay!

Norma Rae named to National Film Registry of the Library of Congress . Norma Rae Highlighted by Sally Field’s Oscar-winning perf.


Double Standards / Gender Bias / Sexism / Politics - time to change this ridiculousness

Type of Source: Picture from Date of Origin: 1920's Women's suffrage became a large issue in the 1920's to 30's. Women had to fight for their rights to vote and even to be classified as 'persons' In 1916 Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta gave women the provincial vote, later in 1917 Ontario and BC followed. In May of 1918 all Canadian women were granted the right to vote, except Quebec.   Anderson, Doris. "Status of women." The Canadian Encyclopedia. 2/07/06.

Women were reviled, kicked, beaten, ostracized and battled so women could vote. Don't disrespect their sacrifice by not exercising your vote -- every time you have the chance. -- "An American suffragette proclaiming 'Women! Use your vote,' circa "

I use to say that I am about as feminist as the 50s. Lately I've had to completely rethink that statement. I love men. I love pleasing and dressing for mine. I also think I should control my own body, make as much as the men I work with, and be able to wear what I want without fear.

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people. Let's talk about that dirty F-word that people like to avoid: "feminism". There's nothing wrong with being a feminist! Feminism is founde

Unions brought us the 40-hour work week

The Fair Labor Standards Act of required a 40 hour work week with time and a half overtime pay. This was passed to eliminate free labor. This pin shows the protest and the demand for equal pay for hours worked.

A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everyone else. #INFJ

A Clever Way to Use Quotes to Boost Your Motivation

{Quote} "A strong woman stand up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everyone else." Behind every man there stands a strong woman LoL …