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The artist Jeremy Geddes offers us surrealist paintings visually incredible. Currently presented in Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York, the series of works by


The photo-realistic oil paintings created by artist Jeremy Geddes. A sober and beautiful surreal universe, an astronaut adrift in a world without gravity.

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"Artist Cecilia Paredes could easily be labeled as the 'female Liu Bolin,' but to do so would only marginalize the talent of the Peruvian painter whose detailed, patterned paintings are worthy of being respected on their own merits."

These beautiful body paintings are works of Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes who knows how to blend herself into an elaborate wallpaper scheme. Check out more works of Cecilia below.

The illustrations of the Spanish artist Gabriel Moreno.

Spanish artist Gabriel Moreno does wonderful pen and ink drawings, and also beautiful etchings. His works are fluid and graceful. To see more of Gabriel Moreno's art check out more of his portfolio HERE, and his website HERE.

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Screenprints of NYC Show Famous Buildings and Landmarks Accurate to Scale. Part of the 'Shapes of Cities' screenprint series by graphic designer Yoni Alter shows numerous NYC buildings and landmarks. All buildings measured to scale.