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I wonder how many times my husband thinks this. Haha!

"Why didn't you answer my text messages? Beth was running down the stairs as fast as she could." "Romeo and Juliet killed themselves for love! I think you can answer my texts!

This is so me...work hard or be lazy all day then stay up late cleaning house or watching t.v. or online...then I'm moody and  complain about being tired the next day :)

funny friendship ecard: stay up unreasonably late tonight and then complain about how unreasonably exhausted we are tomorrow. picture on VisualizeUs

I'm so excited...I'm so scared!

"I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so.so. Zack, hold me!" hahah oh my gosh I'm cracking up!

Must remember this next time DH starts griping while I am parking...

Funny Confession Ecard: If a woman is bad at parking, it's only because she is constantly lied to about what 8 inches is.


OH MY FUCKING GOD! If she does i will literally CRY and write so many hate letters to whoever cast her!

hahaha I say something to this effect every time I 'm with @Jacqueline Black and @Alisha Shannon

you and your friends.We are so hilarious. I feel bad for the people who don't get to listen to our conversations and enjoy our hilariousness

oh so glad there is an e-card to remind me of this.....

i truly dont think this will ever happen. at ANY point in your life your going to think at a certain age youd have your shit together. what is "having your shit together" anyways. fuck it.

shades of grey babies humor

Funny 50 Shades Of Grey captions! If you like the captions of this post – Funny 50 Shades Of Grey captions, and other photos & images on this website,.

true I hate calling for help on something

My experience with "customer service" every time.There should be a law requiring insurance companies to answer the phone this way.