"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future. It is something you design for the present." ...Jim Rohn.

Work harder on yourself than you do your job. — Jim Rohn

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Everyone must choose one of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret ? Jim Rohn

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JIM ROHN QUOTE: "Formal Education Will Make You A Living; Self-Education Will Make You A Fortune." - Entrepreneurs' Guide..

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"Don't wish it were easier. Wish you were better". - Jim Rohn

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“Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.” – Jim Rohn www.WinningWithJohn.com #Jim Rohn #happiness

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Successful people have libraries. the rest have big screen tvs. by Jim Rohn #1524

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." - Jim Rohn

If you Change nothing...nothing will change!! quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons. dreams. goals. motivation. inspiration.

Personal development is the key to become someone people WANT to follow!


If you really want to do something, you'll find a way; if you don't, you'll find an excuse. - Jim Rohn womensrunning.com/blog

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