Nicholas Delort

Sacred Heart / folk art painting

Cristian Boian

Vertical Cities 1, by Allison Rae #illustration

Patrick Seymour

U.S. Arrow Collars Ad, 1916 // by Joseph Christian Leyendecker

Fairy Tales title page by Ivan Bilibin

wintry print

Scheherazade from A Thousand and One Nights. She enchanted a demented Shah from murdering countless women by reading stories to him for a thousand one nights. Each story had a moral to it so at the end of a thousand and one nights, the shah regains his sanity. A true heroine!!

Bird | Illustrator: Fantastic Hysteria -

-he walked through the woods, joined only by the wind and a lowly bird...Holiday card illustration by David Dean

Original botanical art monoprint artist book by fieldandhedgerow

Maori Mask New Zealand, Te Papa Museum

Shadows in abandoned psychiatric hospitals…creepy but i give hime credit for coming up with this idea

tree of life art print (the tree rings are composed of hundreds of animals!)