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Design Lighting, Graypants Cardboard Drum Scraplight, for a Generous Amount of Both up and down-lighting, residential and commercial spaces, Graypants UK.

an innovative model for what is possible when designers return to using their hands, think responsibly and craft outside the lines – are created from salvaged cardboard which is then treated with a non-toxic, low-to-zero VOC, class-A fire retardant (that has been extensively tested and meets numerous industry standards).

Recycled: Cardboard from dumpsters = lamps! These artists are dumpster diving for their cardboard and turning the paper into beautiful lamps.

It is not the side of cardboard we are used to seeing – that thin layer of reinforcement visible along its edges, which has a different pattern from virtually any angle. That unique and shifting quality is most apparent when you cut curves into the material, and particularly if you then cast light through the resulting sides. That is the aesthetic idea behind these so-called Scraplights by Graypants, laser-sliced then glued together by hand using non-toxic biodegradable adhesives.