inspired by harry potter

Two reasons this makes me happy: It is inspired by Harry Potter. Felix is my last name!

The Golden Snitch

Tatto Ideas 2017 – deviantART: Outgoing Link Tatto Ideas & Trends 2017 - DISCOVER Get a Harry Potter-inspired tattoo. Discovred by : melaniefarner

Harry potter tattoo

Love the location, but instead of the lightning bolt I want the 3 stars from the corner of every page in the series.

My favorite Harry Potter tattoo. I just love the colorful stars coming out of the wand.

I think, though, if I were going to get a spell tattooed, it would have to be "Expelliarmus"

Harry Potter Tattoo.

my first tattoo :) i love it. done by Lars @ Ink Smith & Rogers - Jacksonville Beach, FL I grew up with the Harry Potter series & it’s always been my outlet for my emotions. I chose the quote from.

Tattoos are my favorite form of self expression despite the fact that I only have one.

I'd probably never get a Harry Potter tattoo (I loved the books but they didn't change my life). If I did though, it might be this one. I love how the font is the same.