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Stop texting me! Wish I had thought of this when dealing with all the people who reply to all on a group message!


Imagine if Princess Ariel had her own episode of Hoaders. 'Look at this stuff isn't it neat?' No bitch. You have OCD and this is all trash. OMG - has my love for Ariel made me a hoarder?

Using emoticons the right way…

Using emoticons the right way…

To the window!laugh even harder because it just played this scene from the Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Betty White with this song.

Actually it's me washing the dishes and Adam slowly putting his dirty dishes in the sink

That awkward moment when i'm doing dishes and my family slowly puts their dishes in the sink. All the time :)

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha......hahahahahahahahahahahaha the more I look at it, the funnier it gets.

Funny pictures about Geared up for winter. Oh, and cool pics about Geared up for winter. Also, Geared up for winter photos.

That Time Of The Month Can Be A Real Bitch : theBERRY

That time of the month can be a real b*tch (18 photos)

so relatable (true,so true,true story,teen quotes,funny quotes,relatable,so relatable,relatable quotes,lol)

Yes,yes we do! relatable post # 259 Our generation doesn't ring the doorbell.We text or call to say we're outside.

I thought this was only true in my house! ...with Mom always pointing out the irony of the situation since we can see and she can't....

If people winked in real life as much as they domain text messages this world would be a pretty creepy place (funny, humor, LOL, hilarious)