The Wives of Negro Millionaires. Featuring Toy Sewell, who married heir to Oklahoma oil fortune. Vintage Jet Magazine Cover, Jan 17, 1952

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Why Hollywood Won't Glamorize Negro Girls (article) - Jet Magazine, September 17, 1953

Janet Harmon Bragg, one of the first female African American aviators

Power Couple: Nick & Marilyn Mosby. Tuskegee University graduates, City Councilman & State Attorney.

Ebony magazine, October 1969 - Mattel introduces TV's Julia (Diahann Carroll) as a friend of Barbie

This life magazine cover of MLK shows dominance. The image of MLK automatically grabs my attention and it is the largest element on the page because he is the most important one and where the focus is meant to go. There is also good contrast of black and white in this photo as well.

Actress Cecily Tyson on the cover of Ebony Magazine, December 1962

Amazing Buck Franklin (1879–1960), and brother Matthew Franklin. Americans with Chickasaw and African heritage. Buck Franklin became a lawyer, notably defending survivors of the Tulsa Riots (Oklahoma) in 1921 which had resulted in the murder of 300 Americans with African ancestry.

vintage jet magazine cover

On May 5, 1950 poet Gwendolyn Brooks became the first African American to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Whatchu know about Hazel Scott? She was the first black woman to have her own television show and was married to Adam Clayton Powell. She was blacklisted during the McCarthy era and her show was quickly cancelled. More gorgeous.

First black woman to appear on the cover of Time: June 28th 1968

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African American settlers in Oklahoma. Believe me,they are very prosperous for those days (white or black).She has a beautiful dress, he has a suit and the children are very well dressed.If you check out other pioneer pictures you will see by comparison, how well to do they are. Biddy Craft

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Did you know that in late 18th century Louisiana, black and multiracial women were ordered to cover their hair in public?

jet magazine covers

Cover of Jet, Sept. 17, 1953. "Why Hollywood won’t glamorize Negro girls" That's still a valid question...

When Revlon released its fragrance Charlie in 1973, the ad campaigns featured models Shelley Hack, Charlie Stember, and, notably, Naomi Sims, making Sims the first African American woman in history to be featured in a cosmetic company's advertising.

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