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Oceanwirefrom Oceanwire

Pic o’ the week – giant Coral Sea clam

giant coral sea clam

Feather star (Crinoidea) are primarily nocturnal but they are seen in the open during the day with their arms rolled up. Jim Lyle

Did you know that giant Pacific octopuses get “attached” to their aquarists? These intelligent animals recognize our staff and may even embrace them after a long absence. ----- Octopus hug <3

National Geographicfrom National Geographic

One-of-a-Kind Sea Creature Photos

The yeti crab is so unusual that a whole new family of animal had to be created to classify it. Kiwa hirsuta was found on the floor of the 7,540-foot-deep (2,300-meter-deep) Pacific Ocean some 900 miles (1,500 kilometers) south of Easter Island. In many ways the newly discovered species remains a mystery. Its hairy pincer arms host colonies of bacteria, which it may cultivate for food, for protection from toxic fluids issuing from nearby volcanic vents, or as “sensors” that help the blind…