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Little girl reading with elephant - of course! Who doesn't read with their elephant?!

Symbol: We "bow down" as a sign of respect and adoration for our savior. When the Eucharist has entered transubstantiation, we recognize Jesus' presence and power. The Eucharist is an opportunity for people to be unified with Christ and sharing their love and devotion through prayer. Just like a Queen bows down to his King in the animal kingdom, humans bow down to Jesus our "King."

Thank you my most precious love for your sweet time this afternoon and your words!!! I needed the talk and your encouragment!!! I need you!! Your kisses are always incredible!!! God you are so perfect to me!!!

thesensualstarfish: Wings Winkie Country There is a certain fire Under your wings I find flames  Hidden Heat  Mind blowing With a love that bends This California farm girl Like the yellow brick road Where Oz is my female essence Amidst your Winkie Country ~The Sensual Starfish

such a cute photo!! would have had to been quick with the camera!

I can feel the little bird claws holding the fuzzy donut of hair. When im home i always have a bird as a hair piece.

Garrett Neff: "Good morning. Repost from my friends at @simplepresentco . Check them out. @hafizecelikturk" - May 7, 2015

Beautiful swan spreading his wings. Bird photography. Amazing images of nature. See more at: