how to clean grout lines

How To Clean Tile Grout ~ Mix 7 cups water, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup lemon juice and 1/4 cup vinegar - throw in a spray bottle and spray your floor, let it sit for a minute or two, then scrub :)

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The Magic Way to Clean Your Windows - Best way EVER to clean windows. No drying needed, and you have no spots or streaks on your window! I cleaned 2 full sliding glass doors and 8 large windows in 9 minutes!!!

Found a better way to clean the grout :) ( I actually loved this!! I got the one that doesn't smell so much like bleach so it didn't make my house smell so bad! And it worked great. I got ALL the tile in my house cleaned in about two hours rather then two days!) <3 Q

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Soaked my shower for 2 hours and it looks new. How to clean your shower! Vinegar, Dawn and baking soda and it really, really works!

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Try this little trick to easily remove labels off of anything. Just stick them in the water with oxy clean and they float right up to the surface! GREAT with thrift store finds!

"Dryer sheets to clean baseboards. Not only cleans up, but also coats them to repel hair and dust. Makes your house smell like fresh laundry too!

Easy way to clean suede shoes. Going to try on my stained boots. If it doesn't work, oh well.

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Having trouble cleaning grout in your home?...

Woolite Foam Carpet Cleaner - Sprays out in foam stream so you can spray right on grout line. Let set several minutes, brush, wipe away. Easiest way ever to clean gross grout!

Clorox Bleach Pen on grout.

7 recipes for cleaning tile grout

Oven door cleaning.

Floors - Cleaning tile using Clorox product.

Tile and grout cleaner

Cleaning Grout