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  • Frankie

    True Story... unless I am out with friends dancing, then I just feel disgusting.

  • Todd Boyer

    Do you feel like a bad ass? Are you tired and dripping with sweat? #Insanity #groupfitness #badass #workout #nerverquit #digdeep

  • Tribesports

    When dripping with sweat, do you feel Bad Ass? #tribesports #jointhetribe #challengeyourself #fitness #motivation #fitspo #inspiration #quote #body #improvement

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I think about this when I think of friends and others who have undergone serious injuries that stopped them from ever being able to do this. I try not to ever take for granted that I still can.

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Yes, so which would you prefer...that?, or how you feel after you over eat some nasty junk food? I know my answer ;)

Crossfit.. Absolutely, I was shaking in my boots the first time I walked into the box.

Of course it burns, but complaining won't make you look good naked. | Encouragement Ecard |

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I might argue with this one to some degree... I always feel better when I clean my house but most because I do that like a dang army major!

Reasons to be's called accountability for your own health.