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Just as I am: 'In my ways I feel comfortable in my skin - comfortable for the right reasons. I now appreciate my body in terms of what it allows for me to do, for the ability to live my life...I want to cease holding it as a disaster site, a crack in a glass pane or a beacon for those who would do me harm, and instead respect it, accept it and care for it as a gift. It is a gift; it is mine.' by justas1am #Human_Body #justas1am

Such strong, wise words by Mary Lambert. We really adore her. She is one of our favorite plus size models! It is true: Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes :)

from Healthy is the New Skinny

Original HNS Tank- Black

*Black HNS Tank – Healthy is the new Skinny -- LOVE the positive body image message the company sends out

from Bloglovin’

Good Vibes HERE (The Good Vibe)

Everything is going to be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end Good to remember.