African-American flapper.


African American Burlesque performer Tootsie Roll.


Too Black For America: 1950's Beauty Helen Williams - The First African American Fashion Model >>HELEN WILLIAMS WAS THE FIRST female African American fashion model to break into the mainstream. But it was the French, rather than the Americans, that embraced her.

afro chic

A young stylish African American woman,1937 Pittsburgh

Situwuka and Katkwachsnea, Native American couple, 1912

Josephine Baker: the perfect embodiment of the 1920s “Jazz Age.” (See a slide Show from LIFE)

"DECO" - a smart 1920's style pump with an arching monk strap and buckle and art deco detail stitching.

[ A Chorus Line 1920s ] African American Showgirls

Henri Cartier Bresson -1961 Title: Tent City, Near Somerville, TennesseeTemporary living quarters for African- American sharecroppers who registered to vote and as a result were evicted by white landowners. This woman, fifty eight years old, had picked cotton on the same land since she was eight years old.

Joyce "The Bronze Bombshell" Bryant, NYC, 1954 by Philippe Halsman. She would become the first dark-skinned African-American woman celebrated by the mass media as a 'sex-symbol'.

Nina Mae McKinney - one of the first African American leading actresses

1920s art deco flapper - incredible detail and beauty

Lily Elsie, the most photographed woman of Edwardian times...



1920s lace dresses | BLACK Lace Fashion, 1920's

Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman (1892 -1926) was an American civil aviator. She was the first female pilot of African American descent and the first person of African American descent to hold an international pilot license.