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Morel Mushroom Hunting in Tennessee

by Rebekah Smith
Morel mushrooms grow all over Tennessee. Necessary for a balanced ecosystem, morel mushrooms are abundant in forests and areas with heavy vegetation. Dead vegetation is the preferred food for morel mushrooms. Although they may be difficult to see in the landscape, the hunt is worth the payoff when m...
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Eric LaPaugh, owner of Leelanau Adventures shares 6 tips for finding morel mushrooms in Northern Michigan.

Morel Mushrooms – Nature’s Easter Egg Hunt

12 Tips for Hunting Morel Mushrooms ♥ One of my favorite spring activities.

First gray April 18, 2015 Virginia, Tennessee & Kentucky

First morels of the season. April 18, 2015 Virginia, Tennessee & Kentucky

morels---these are my favorites, and the only mushrooms that I can definitely identify, gather and eat with no hesitation.

Made a great pasta dish with these, artichoke hearts and fiddle heads the other day! Delicious.

Morchella esculenta by Alex Alonso on 500px | Morel

I've spent many happy hours hunting for these beauties! Yum!!

"Morchella crassipes" by carlespoveda *

First of the spring 2014 Morel Harvest from Virginia - Cori Sampson

Virginia & Tennessee Spring 2014 Mountain morel harvest - How many varieties can you identify? Whites, yellows, greys, blacks, half frees??

Canadian Morels, I didn't post my journey, I just wanted to enjoy it. What a blast!


Michigan Morels! If you're ever up north stop by and see my friends Ken & Ashleigh Harris at MMM Michigan Mushroom Market for some delicious wild treats.

Morels, dry land fish, hickory chickens... Whatever you call them, they're yummy!

"Morchella deliciosa" by carlespoveda




Morel Mushroom

morels by the campfire

I have the fever, It's almost that time of year again! This year, we're following the flush.