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The gun fired and he felt a white hot heat explode in his abdomen. Everyone around started shouting and running. More gun shots, blurred bodies rushing passed him. He didn't know he had fallen until Briggs concerned face appeared above him. "Hey Mike, stay with me, okay?" His face was blurry, Mike couldn't focus on it. His head started swimming and he felt nauseous. Briggs frowned. They were losing him. "Get a ambulance he yelled over his shoulder to Johnny.

Ahhh. Ben crying. I know it's a pretty old pic (Season 2, episode , 'Compass' to be exact) but it's still so sad

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I walked passed the man and into the room. he was standing next to two of the officers. in handcuffs. "wha--" I stuttered. I felt a hand on my shoulder. "excuse me. you need to come with us."