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Pool Buoy Floating Pool Umbrella - Backyard & Home -

Floating Pool Bar....I might understand this if there was no umbrella...but apparently, with this invention, you can be in the pool while enjoying the shade and the bar that would normally be for the people NOT in the pool. "Hey everyone! If we all get IN the pool, and then huddle under the umbrella, it'll be just like if we were NOT in the pool....only...we're still IN the pool!"

Now you can keep extra cool and protected from the sun's harmful rays with this floating pool umbrella! Its lightweight design is quick and easy to set up and there's even 5 cup holders so there's no need to get out of the pool for a drink.

Enjoy your Pool Buoy umbrella! The perfect addition to your chic outdoor living area.  Pool Buoy, the first and only floating pool umbrella, has 7 feet of UV-rated fabric and a stable ballast design, allowing you to bring shade with you, wherever you float. Specifications: Max height 86" Weighs 12 lbs Umbrella  Fully Adjustable  5 ft. in diameter when open UV rated to block 95% of UVA and UVB rays Drink Buoy  Made of ABS plastic and foam filled 5 oversized cupholders 18" in diameter 4"…

Pool Buoy - introducing the First and Only Floating Pool Umbrella. Truly Relax under 7 feet of UV rated fabric floating in a buoy - complete with cupholders. Leaving the only question to be, how did this not already exist before now. #smartthings #morefunlesssun #mypoolbuoy


Pool Buoy – Floating Pool Umbrella

Get one of these Pool Buoys and take your water recreation experience to a whole new level altogether.