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Explore Giraffe Giraffes, Long Legs, and more!

$4.25 Giraffe: Giraffes are really tall! With their necks and long legs, giraffes really stand out. What else makes a giraffe special?

Giraffen knippen en plakken met kleuters, thema dierentuin,, Preschool giraffe craft, zoo theme.

Giraffe—by Claire Vial & Graham Meadows Series: Zoozoo Into the Wild GR Level: C Genre: Informational

$4.25 Going Home: Nancy the giraffe finds a little bird who is crying. Why is the little bird so upset? Can Nancy help her?

$4.25 Tall Giraffe: How will Gracie the giraffe get to town? She's too tall for a skateboard, too tall for a bicycle, and too tall for a car! What will she do?

Collage maken met kleuters thema camping , kleuteridee, voor free printables zie de website.

Giraf vingerverven met jongste kleuters 2, thema dierentuin, , Preschool giraffe fingerpaint.