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Google Maps to offer street view of the ocean floor - Soon there may be a Google Maps street view of the underwater world. Last week, in the Florida Keys, six U.S. government scientists were educated on the use of specialized fisheye lenses to map research and management plans in nationwide marine sanctuaries.


Silver Gilt Candelabrum 1818 by Edward Farrell his magnificent candelabrum has been modelled with a figure of Neptune (Roman god of the sea) part kneeling on a sea horse or hippocamp, on a rocky base cast and chased with shells, seaweed and sea creatures. Neptune has a trident in his left hand and supports with his right a shell from which a hydra (mythical many headed snake) springs to form the branches to hold candles.

Sea Snakes Photograph courtesy CNES/Spot Image/ESA Gullies slithering through sandbanks are seen in the Wadden Sea, near the Netherlands, in a 2006 satellite image.