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Raoul Bova, hot,hot,hot..My Coonor Reed from Waiking up married

Afternoon eye candy: Raoul Bova (32 photos)

Brant Daugherty                                                                                                                                                      More

Bushy Eyebrows Are The Hottest Thing Ever

Alistair Gilders - formerly known as  Ford Gilders, Benefactor, overseer of the country, cousin of Douglas Payne. Name means "defending men".

Harrison Ford - the man is Han Solo and Indiana Jones and will always be one of my favorite actors.

Long Wavy Mens Hair                                                                                                                                                     More

5 Men’s Hairstyles that Women Love (#2 is Our Favorite)

Love Long hairstyles for men? wanna give your hair a new look? Long hairstyles for men is a good choice for you. Here you will find some super sexy Long hairstyles for men, Find the best one for you,

These Dapper Men Make Up Some Of The Most Iconic Fashion Moments

The 50 Hottest Men Of All Time

Robert Redford Hottest Men of All Time - Most Attractive Celebrities - Harper's BAZAAR

27 Flawless And Perfect Photos Of Young Rob Lowe

That time his hair was disheveled and he didn't give a shit.

Jude. He thinks he's too old to play hearthrobs anymore, but he's still gorgeous.

Afternoon eye candy: Jude Law (37 photos)

Crushes I don't tell my friends about... til now: part IV: Zac Efron. Sure, he kinda looks and acts like a soulless Ken doll (or maybe he is just incredibly shy), but DAMN, this kid has grown into one FINE young man.

Zac Efron I keep seeing pictures, and thinking to myself “Oooh, that guy’s hot!” and then in the next moment realizing he’s Zac Efron, whom I’m so used to thinking of as a teenager that it.

Young Richard Gere. Uffff... wa wa wee wa.

Richard Gere - Fan club album

Richard gere, one day you will make a movie called Hachi and it will make me hysterically cry for an hour.

Matthew McConaughey, you're getting older, but you're still hot ;) <3 #magicmikethoouu #doubletapthis LOL

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