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Leif Garrett, Full Page Vintage Clipping

Leif Garrett, Full Page Vintage Clipping

Shaun Cassidy (Is he afraid to love?), Leif Garrett (Sweet or Sexy?), Scott Baio (Will Hollywood hurt him?), and Willie Aames (Does he always tell the truth?) on Tiger Beat. And every 70s schoolgirl heart swoons. ♥

Tiger Beat Magazine - 1978 Issue with Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett, Scott Baio and Willie Ames

Leif Garrett - Oh my, every girl had one of his posters...OMG my posters spelt out his name on my wall. LMAO.

Leif Garrett (born Leif Per Nervik; November is an American singer, actor and television personality. He became famous in the late as a teen idol.I had the biggest crush on him,lol.

Leif Garrett, skateboard, and tube socks ... a 3 in 1 !

Leif Garrett, skateboard, and tube socks . a 3 in Cutest boy ever.

I had a subscription to Tiger Beat...mainly for Leif Garrett and Shaun Cassidy posters for my wall.

Child of the 70s

I would spend most of my allowance on buying Tiger Beat.mainly for Leif Garrett and Shaun Cassidy posters for my wall.

Leif Garrett, had this poster in my room and several Teen Beat magazines too!!

*LEIF GARRETT ~ After a stint as a child actor, Garrett made his way on the pop charts in the with hits like "I Was Made for Dancin'." Unfortunately, he didn't escape teen stardom unscathed; Garrett was arrested in February for heroin possession.

Leif Garrett: my Justin Beiber back in the day. :)

And why Leif Garrett net worth is so massive? Leif Garrett net worth is definitely at the very top level among other celebrities, yet why?

Tiger Beat (1978) Leif Garrett, Shaun Cassidy, Bay City Rollers, Kristy McNichol. My bedroom wall was covered with Leif Garrett when I was in 8th grade!

Tiger Beat Magazine - this has so many of the "hot" topic teens on the cover. My mom used to let me pick up Tiger Beat at the grocery store when we went shopping downtown.

images of leif garrett | LEIF GARRETT pinup – Posing in SuperTeen Super Teen shirt! ZTAMS

Teen Pinups Rock Magazines Posters - Your one stop shop for teen idols of the & today.

Leif Garrett - take that, Beiber.  Shiny chest and all. @Colleen Joyce

Leif Garrett - I remember when I was I think 2 or 3 when my Auntie used to hang too much of him on almost all of her room's wall and asking who he was lol

Leif Garrett

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Leif Garrett......i think every girl had a big crush on him way back when......ha

Leif Garrett 1979 during Music File Photos The by Chris Walter at the Music File Photos in los angeles

Leif Garrett. I was going to marry him...Good thing I didn't!  Have you seen him lately or is he still in jail???

Leif Garrett was my childhood heart throb. I remember seeing him at 6 Flags Atlanta.