Learn about the nutrition and workouts seen on The Biggest Loser and find information about the resorts, RunWalk race series, club, and more.
  • Holly Oberfield

    3-Ingredient Healthy Meat Loaf

  • Antje Brinkmann

    3-Ingredient Meat Loaf- Biggest Loser Recipe

  • Clara Fisher

    3-Ingredient Meat Loaf Healthy Recipe #BiggestLoser. Yum - 1 pound extra-lean ground turkey, 1/2 cup all-natural barbecue sauce, preferably sweetened with agave nectar or honey (like OrganicVille Original BBQ Sauce), and 2 ounces crumbled goat cheese. Bakes for a little under 30 mins.

  • Virginia Santoro

    3 Ingredient Meat Loaf - from the Biggest Loser Club

  • Doreen Dumelle-Kneller

    3-Ingredient Meat Loaf Healthy Recipe from The Biggest Loser

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